We Want You to Feel Empowered

Our mission is to inspire everyone who puts on EMPWR activewear to form long lasting wellness practices. Matching EMPWR sets and mix-and-match pieces get you ready for your favorite self-care destination, whether it's the studio, gym, classroom or outdoors.

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  • Women Powered

    Behind the scenes of our company is a strong, smart, and creative team of women supporting one another. Our company is women-founded and owned, a place where women's ideas are not just heard but celebrated.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    All purchases from EMPWR Athletics are quality-guaranteed with a 30-day return window. Our design team hand-selects durable and comfortable fabrics to create pieces that last through years of the most rigorous wear.

  • Wellness Ambassadors

    EMPWR Wellness Ambassadors provide outreach to communities that lack access to positive role models in health and wellness. Our job extends beyond offering the best activewear; we also task ourselves with spreading vital information about cultivating active habits and forming long-lasting wellness practices.