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At EMPWR Athletics, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience. To ensure transparency and clarity, we have established the following operating policies:

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Empwr Athletics

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire everyone who puts on EMPWR activewear to form long lasting wellness practices. Matching EMPWR sets and mix-and-match pieces get you ready for your favorite self-care destination, whether it's the studio, gym, classroom or outdoors.


Est. 2024

The Founders

From a young age, sisters Gabrielle and Isabella developed a deep love for fitness while playing tennis with their dad. As they grew older, their interests expanded to running and weightlifting. After countless days of searching for activewear brands that combined hybrid functionality with affordability and having no luck, they decided to create their own. From there, with the invaluable support of their friends and family, EMPWR Athletics was created. Their passion for fitness and helping others embrace a balanced lifestyle is the driving force behind EMPWR.

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What to Expect

With EMPWR Athletics, you can expect seasonal launches of new products in a stylish array of colors. As a small business owned by two biracial women, we emphasize showcasing diversity in our marketing and branding, ensuring all ethnicities and body types feel empowered in our pieces. We also strive to maintain high quality while prioritizing affordability so stylish activewear can be enjoyed by any and all customers.

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